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NCDs & Bonds

NCDs & Bonds

NCDs are a one-stop solution for investors looking for a fixed and high-interest rate for a specified period of time. It carries low risk which can be managed by investing in NCDs of companies with a high ratings.

What is NCDs?

NCDs, just like equity shares, are first issued by companies in the primary market and then traded freely in the secondary market, through exchanges like the NSE and the BSE. So, to invest in NCDs, you can subscribe to these instruments during the public issue, or you can buy them later in the secondary market.

Why invest in NCDs & Bonds?

  • # Higher Liquidity
  • # Diversification of Portfolio
  • # Regular Interest Income
  • # Completely Digital
  • # Lower Risk
  • # Transparency
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Why Invest in NCDs & Bonds

  • Wide array of fixed income products
  • Do the background check of the company and its promoters before investing
  • Paperless Investments
  • Online tracking 24X7
  • Dedicated Advisory & Analysis
  • Reguler updates on new products

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